Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Life = Feeling

Life = Feeling = You = Past-Present-Future = NOW = Source = You = Real Time = Infinity

How to define Life better as not as a feeling. When you use your senses and define something with a word like for example “beautiful” or “tasty”..what does this word mean, what does it make you feel? It makes you feel good. So what ever you do, think or say it's bringing you a feeling. Emotions are therefore equal to Life it self. Life is emotions, the experience it self.

You equal your past, your present and your future. Which all have the potential to make you feel good or bad if you prefer. But it all happens in the NOW, the real time of the universe, of the source of everything that is.

In the “real” now where you think your future is, is bigger part of the Source there you also are and constantly trying to connect to, align with, flow with. Well there, you are flying on the high flying disc and perceiving time without any referents to your past, present, future. You just are, and the time is always NOW. From here everything looks so simple, effortless and easy. From here you feel powerful and eternal. From this place you know that there is nothing that you can or cannot do, but does it really matter? With this broader perspective you look down at your life story and everybody else and feel that all is good, all is perfect.

Whenever you feel negative emotion is because the Source with in you does not share the same opinion about the same subject. If you for example hate something or somebody, Source does not join you in that thought. Therefore you feel split energy, therefore you feel negative emotion. The source is pure positive energy which always only Loves = pure positive emotion. This guidance system, this compass you have built in is your guide trough life, through feelings and experiences. It tells you if you are on your path to your alignment which you really are or far from it. So stop thoughts, feelings and doings that do not make you feel good. Stop trying to explain to others, who do not understand. Focus on the NOW you want to join with, and with that clarity you will live, feel and experience more and more and more...Because there is no end to it, you will never be done..Therefore life is infinite expansion.


Life causes you to ask. Through the contrast you are living, you are sifting and sorting and by knowing what you do not want, you know what you do want. And when you align with the frequency of your desire, you have thought it, felt it and it has even manifested for your senses to absorb it completely. You have now launched a new desire. Then you again think it, feel it, imagine it and live it whether it manifests or not, until you continue the process all over again...so there is no end to it.. always more..never done. Always incomplete, like this message I am writing. It's complete now, but..there is always more which I am reaching for..and you!

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