Saturday, September 15, 2012

Small things

What you are have already been explained.
Why you are here; to learn and evolve.
Who you are; nobody can tell you this but you. So far there is no known answer to this question..
So we accept the answer.. I just AM…and we all just are.

When you become comfortable with uncertainty, infinite possibilities open up in your life. Fear is no longer dominant footer in what you do and no longer prevents you to take action to initiate the change.

The real work that moves you forward is based on;

Everything else is secondary.

To truly experience everything that your life wants you to, you need to open up to all possibilities and not limit yourself to any belief.
Remember, if small things have the power to disturb you, then who you think you are is exactly that: small. That will be your unconscious belief.

Ultimately all things are small things, because all things are transient.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

World of Duality

Why do some people care about other people and their surroundings and some don’t?
It’s because some see themselves separate from others and everything and some do not.

But, all this is part of duality. Right-Left, up-down… we have 2 brain parts constantly challenging each other, earths polarity etc…All to remind us of the scale. If the scale is balanced, there is no movement, and where no movement, there is no cause and effect. Without cause and affect there is no progress, there is no evolvement. So you see, all needs to be exactly as it is! To bring imbalance and create a motion, therefore we cannot say that something is good or bad, it’s just relative. We all exist for a reason and our roles in this reality are to imbalance each other so we can learn and evolve.

This goes also for companies, organizations and systems and everything else we have created. They exist for a reason; this reason is the same as above. To bring duality and set things in motion so we can learn from it.
Do not resist, accept and learn.

“Peace begins with me”

The Cycle

Just as we are being reminded of duality there is another reminder; the cycle. Breathing in and out… You go to sleep and then you wake up. Your heart contracts and extract, blood circulating in your body, birth-death… and if you think of it even more you will realize that everything is in constant movement and has cycles. There is a day and night, seasons, Earth’s own rotation and then circulation around sun. Imagine the speed of our solar system in the Milky Way galaxy, 215 km/s around center of our galaxy… Yes per second! And we perceive everything as plane, solid and still…not moving…like a building. If you then identify with this building, you will perceive your life as something plane, solid and still. Meaning, linear existence which has a beginning and an End. But that’s just something that you think!

In Universe nothing truly stands still nor dies, it’s in constant change and transformation.
And so are you! Death is opposite to birth, Life has no opposite… You Are Life, always!

“Remember who you are”

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What we are

Scientific view on what we are:
“A momentary expression of an ever changing unity with no center”
Understanding the meaning of this concept leads to so called “awakening”…
The psychological consequence of this as an objective belief system allow self-awareness without attachment to the imagined self, causing dramatic increases in mental clarity, social conscience, self regulation and what often is described as “being in the moment”.

Yes, read it again, and again… and perform this test.
When you are on the bike or walking, close your eyes for couple of seconds but don’t stop. Then ask yourself are you really moving? Are you really “going somewhere”? Yes you can feel the legs working, but you could be on a running tread for that matter. You see, disconnecting only 1 sense, in this case your eyes, automatically changes your perception of “reality”.