Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What we are

Scientific view on what we are:
“A momentary expression of an ever changing unity with no center”
Understanding the meaning of this concept leads to so called “awakening”…
The psychological consequence of this as an objective belief system allow self-awareness without attachment to the imagined self, causing dramatic increases in mental clarity, social conscience, self regulation and what often is described as “being in the moment”.

Yes, read it again, and again… and perform this test.
When you are on the bike or walking, close your eyes for couple of seconds but don’t stop. Then ask yourself are you really moving? Are you really “going somewhere”? Yes you can feel the legs working, but you could be on a running tread for that matter. You see, disconnecting only 1 sense, in this case your eyes, automatically changes your perception of “reality”.

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