Wednesday, September 12, 2012

World of Duality

Why do some people care about other people and their surroundings and some don’t?
It’s because some see themselves separate from others and everything and some do not.

But, all this is part of duality. Right-Left, up-down… we have 2 brain parts constantly challenging each other, earths polarity etc…All to remind us of the scale. If the scale is balanced, there is no movement, and where no movement, there is no cause and effect. Without cause and affect there is no progress, there is no evolvement. So you see, all needs to be exactly as it is! To bring imbalance and create a motion, therefore we cannot say that something is good or bad, it’s just relative. We all exist for a reason and our roles in this reality are to imbalance each other so we can learn and evolve.

This goes also for companies, organizations and systems and everything else we have created. They exist for a reason; this reason is the same as above. To bring duality and set things in motion so we can learn from it.
Do not resist, accept and learn.

“Peace begins with me”

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