Friday, June 29, 2012

The Gift Of Life

You think you know me, but that just what you think
I’m not the story; I am not made of worry

I don’t have a life and fear to lose it
I AM the life and with my thought I can choose it

Behind the mask we are all the same, brothers and sisters in a collective wave
Through us the universe flow, let it experience itself, let it know

Be the flower and not only the plant; see the greatness in all living fate
When your form dissolves and leave this place, you will still be the life but with another face

The time is always, the time is now
I love you all… somehow

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Euphoria is medically recognized as a mental and emotional condition in which a person experiences intense feelings of well-being, elation, happiness, ecstasy, excitement, and joy.

This song is amazing! It's spiritual, awakening and hight vibration which stimulates your inner consciousness and connects you with your "real you".. She is explaining the internal all loving state of mind and where euphoria is the word for a happiness that always IS. Eventually understanding that we are part of everything and our "energy" will arise and transform
Into the total, the divinity! A universe where we are all emerging from, to be able to expiriance this level of existence trough this form, the body. The body will eventually desolve and the awearness behing the form will return to the source for a new mission...

No she's not singing about an other person!It's about her and found inner state...together, forever...sailing to Infinity...reaching Divinity! BEAUTIFUL =)

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Part V - Always NOW

The most important chapter!!

If small things have a power to disturb you, then who you think you are is exactly that; small.
That will be your unconscious belief.

Now after reading first 4 parts, you might be ready to take it to the next level, the level of consciousness…
a journey inside, the awareness behind the thought and form. That's who you are!
There are 2 things you should be aware of; You and Yourself. One of those is the voice in your head called Ego which means thoughts, opinions, experiences and generally identifying with a form. The other is the stillness, awareness, consciousness observing the thought, observing the ego. The ego will never be satisfied because it always seeks happiness/suffering and confirmation outside and identifies with thoughts and things (forms) outside. The Ego we cannot get rid of, but we can recognize it in ourselves and others. You are not your thoughts, opinions, your job or your car, your clothes or the body. You just ARE… And things just IS…The key to everything is to be present in the moment with everything you do.. because you can only be where you are at the moment…so accepting the situations as they arise and taking appropriate action from the acceptance. Many people are not living in the NOW and are stuck in the past or projecting themselves into the future…when really none of those exist. When do you recall past? Now! When do you experience future? Only when you are there…and then it will be NOW… so you see there is only present moment… With time you will start to erase duality; right and wrong, good and bad, days, dates and perception of time..because time always IS. Words like future, planning, I have to…labeling people by their form and ego, labeling things just to know what you think they are…will disappear from your level of existence. You will realize that there is nothing and nobody out there that can bring happiness and better life to you. Ultimately, all things are small things, because all things are transient. Death is a opposite to birth, life has no opposite. Life is eternal ocean of consciousness, that take different forms in order to experience and grow. Recognize that behind every Ego there is a consciousness, a stillness that are the same in all humans, therefore we can love ALL! Unfortunately so many are still caught by the thought and think that they are a form…but judge not, just recognize it for what it is and be a guide..a presence of stillness… You need to become observer of your own ego and your own consciousness, in order to see it in others. When things happen, people tend to resist and react upon it, reacting is empowering, accepting present situation allows transformation.

Human Being =
Human is a form.
Being is awareness behind the form.

How can you become more aware of the present moment?
  1. Be present by giving 100% attention to what you are doing, for example you stand in the shower feel the water dropping on your face, and running down your hands, sense your body being there at that moment and there is the only place your mind should be as well. The awareness behind the mind is there observing.
  2. Meditation - it’s not rocket science, just sit comfortably and breath (look for tips on you tube)
With meditation you rise above though and create open space, space for new information to enter.
Everything I know, you know! But that information needs to be activated. The information comes from the source which you will be connected with.
  1. Do not let negative energy take you below thought or keep you in the thinking mode so do not watch tv, read news and magazines, do not engage in any discussion that has with “world out there” to do. Don’t talk about money, carrier or worship of celebrities. All that is just illusion that grabs you out of your consciousness.
  2. Avoid negative people and negative situations. You are never alone, only ego needs the stimulance from form, from outside.
  3. Do not react. If somebody calls you for example stupid, recognize that your ego gets hurt and not your divine you. Recognize that is also the other person’s ego that said that to you, and not the awareness behind. Ego wants drama, reacting on it means empowering it! That you resist persists!
  4. Learn to accept pain, the feelings..everything…Become friendly with the present moment. What you accept transforms.
  5. Surround yourself with positive energy, positive people and just be… no need to do anything…
  6. Close your eyes and take a deep breath couple times a day.
  7. Stop! Look up! Observe the sky for couple of seconds.
  8. Stop! Listen! There is noise around you, try to hear the stillness behind the noise.
  9. Stop! Feel! The water going down your thought.
  10. Watch inspiring movies/documentaries that can open your mind to different realities and possibilities.
  11. Read books can open your mind to different realities and possibilities.
  12. Listen to high frequency music, as for example Mozart at least 15 min a day. Find timeless music, positive vibrations and songs, meditation music also alternative artist.
  13. Make plans with conscious presence, for example book a trip, but do not project yourself there. You will be there when you are, projecting your self will mean that you are escaping now.
  14. Connect with animals and children. They have less ego and therefore more connection to the awareness and higher consciousness.
  15. Connect with nature; sun, water, earth, trees, mountains, grease…why not go for a run in the rain?
  16. Everything around you is a meditation and you can practice on it. Give it 100% attention but do not judge it or label it. For example look at a flower and just admire how peaceful and beautiful it is…or a tree.. Anything of the nature brings you closer to the present moment.
  17. Workout (at home, or in the nature) not gym, (gym is a system), do yoga, swim, run, climb, walk..anything that activates your body physically will take away your attention from thought processing, and keep you into the present moment.
  18. Eat healthy and balanced foods, do not eat much at one time…
  19. Abolish necessities, buying and consuming things of form can be a pleasant experience, but not necessity and definitely nothing you should identify with. You can enjoy/admire things of form without necessarily own it. Example, picking up flowers may seems harmless, but that’s actually Ego that wants it to be “yours”, why can’t flowers just be where they are in their natural state and you can just admire them and also so others can do the same?!
  20. Your primary goal is to be within alignment with your body-mind-soul. The balance…Everything else is secondary, for example external things. Because what you are internally, you will manifest externally. 

When you understand all this and live by it, which is a process that takes time, the time that always just is and you do not have to “take time” because there is only now… you will find that happiness follows you like a shadow that never leaves… =)

So where are you in this moment?
If small things have a power to disturb you, then who you think you are is exactly that; small. That will be your unconscious belief.

The inspirational book for this subject is “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tollie. Also this book was part of Oprah book selection where the writer and Oprah are discussing and answering many practical questions. There are 10 classes available on you tube, I really recommend it…