Monday, October 21, 2013

You in short

You are vibrational being existing in a vibrational universe. You where the source energy before you came into this body. A larger part of you still IS that source, the one that responds to your frequency of your thoughts and feelings. Your past present and future are just a fragment in the totality of all existence and it's being played out in the real time, which is not same as your now time. Your mission is to explore the contrast of earth environment by sifting and sorting, and when you know what you do not want, you know what you do want. The larger part of you, your inner being becomes what you asked for and holds that frequency until and if you find your way to match it. Every thought produces a feeling that guides you towards wanted or unwanted. Your feelings tells you if the source within you agrees on the same subject or not. Then new ideas get born and you take the thought where it has not been before, and then you expand and become more. And the whole universe becomes more and you have a new standing point then you just had... And then again you explore, you become more, you align with what you have become and again have a new standpoint from which you continue towards more.. As more you understand, higher you fly and closer you are to your larger part of you, to your source. Taped in to the source you have clarity and broader perspective, you are being aligned with everything that is and you start to live in a universal real time sense where you no longer see a separation between you and everything else. But you, your point of view will always be unique and valuable in all infinity.  

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