Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Inspiration comes, and it comes again..

..inspiration comes and it comes again..even though at the moment you can feel satisfied and might think that everything is complete. You've done such a good job and now you can just stop doing everything, because you are done. It's completed, there is no more to it..or is it!? I can assure you that nothing will ever be completed and never ever done, because that is not in our nature as humans. Our nature is to constantly expand and always wanting more.. so you see, you can never be done, finished or do it wrong, no matter what the subject is. You can only feel the satisfaction in the moment when the new idea is born or you are having a new experience, not long after you will be bored and looking for a new one. Example, You buy a new pair of jeans and you feel good about your choice in the moment, but not long after you feel that the "only" thing missing is..a new belt to match, or bag..or jacket or..whatever...So it never stops, you cannot stop your own expansion, your own progress. You can try, but that is what causes you not to feel good.
Eventually your inner being will find a way to get your attention. Like a sickness or an accident...

I have put so many hours in creating something inspirational, it was so exciting and fun to do..For a while, I was so satisfied that I said, I'm not changing anything about it! It's perfect.. But today a new idea got born, about the same thing..And guess what!? I figured a new way in seeing the same thing, and how I see it now from before is not better, just different and that difference makes me more satisfied, because the old way started to feel boring.. So we are not meant to do the same thing over and over and over for the rest of our lives. We are not meant to hang out with the same people over and over and over for the rest of our lives. We are meant to use our senses for pleasure and expansion. We talk for pleasure, we smell for pleasure..we touch for pleasure, we taste for pleasure...we hear for pleasure..we think for pleasure of it. Life is supposed to be fun, we are meant to fulfill our dreams. We are meant to feel good and feel our way into the things wanted in our experience..
It easy to get this, if you are ready to hear it.

You where the source energy before you came into this body.
A larger part of you is still that source in this vibrational universe.
The part that is focused into your body has the ability to focus thoughts and by that feelings
which work as your point of attraction. Your vibration decides what you are attracting into your reality.
Yes, you are 100% creator of your reality. The larger part of you (the source) is responding to the signal you are sending at all times and automatically become that what you have asked for. The vibrational frequency of asking is not the same as of answering. Therefore if you ask , you must allow it to come by being a vibrational match to what you have asked for. And how can you do that? By feeling your way to that.. If you feel bad, it means you are far from it, if you feel good that you are in  proximity of it. Feeling good should be your highest and the only priority. The circumstances do not matter. Focus on what you prefer and unwanted things will diminish because your attention is turned away from them. Do not care for what others are doing, mind your own business and you will find out more about who you are and why you have come forth. In the end, that is what this is all about. To take the thought to the place where it has not been yet before, for the sake of your own expansion and expansion of the whole everything that is ..You are a creator of your reality and nobody and nothing can ever never take that away from you, but you. Life you've lived has caused you to expand and by aligning with that what you have become vibrationally, is caching up with who you really are. To start practicing allowance is to start accepting that everything that is ..is as it is and so it is. There are no judgments, left or rights..there are just thoughts. Everything that is..was, and will be is some form of thought.

Become aware of your thoughts and feelings and you will deliberately start to create your own reality. Right now like many people you are creating by default. They look around and they observe what is on for example TV and newspapers, that is being their point of attraction and they just get more of that. Use your imagination to create feelings that you prefer instead and that will be the signal you are sending out for the universe to respond to. Go easy about your life and do not take it so seriously..after all, we are all here to play...We can not ever get it done and we cannot ever do it wrong..because we are eternal beings and eternal expansion is our natural state of being.

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