Sunday, June 16, 2013

What do you do nowadays?

Often I get the question: what are u doing nowadays? 
Well, here's my answer to everybody that cares:

Sleeping mostly;) meditating, paying attention to my thoughts and feelings. Paying attention to my reaction to the world outside. Breathing. Giving positive affirmations to me, people and things. I'm making sure that I am always feeling good about my self and there is nothing I need that could make me happier then just being me. I practice being me that includes love compassion acceptance and understanding for my self and all life around me. I love being my self and knowing that I am the life it self and unique in its expression, there's no one and will never be someone like me. I love knowing that my soul is fearless and beneath no one, that my soul is equal to everyone else. I love knowing that I am humble and everything exists because of compassion. I love knowing that I am eternal vibrational being and I create my own reality by being the first positive change that I want to manifest. I love knowing that I am supported by life creating intelligence and that all my desires are being for filled when I'm ready to receive it. I am practicing alignment with that which am I. 

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