Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Outside terror

There are days when you feel separation between you and the things around you, so called "world outside". It happens when we cannot accept or understand why the things happen as they already have happened. Why did I get sick, why the washing machine broke, why I have to pay more taxes etc.. Our physical mind cannot make any sense of, by it perceived as "negative things". But stay patient and you will see that in the end things do come around, and the initially perceived as negative thing turns into positive thing. Most of the time if you reflect back you can understand why it happened. To give you one example how the negative turns into positive.
When I was sick I had time to feel the pain and rethink my life, before sickness I was falling into some kind of depression and wanted the life to end. When the fever was over and I got stronger and started to eat again, I was so happy...just to be able to eat and drink again and "life will" returned to me stronger then ever before.

So, maybe you need couple of hours, or one sleepless night to get over it, but when you do and accept the fact that it already have happened, then you can consciously review if you can do something about it or not. Most of the times we cannot change what happened but we can accept is-ness in order for it to transform. At later point you should get an understanding why it happened. Then the process of acceptance will be faster next time something happens.

Eventually thinking that world outside is terrorizing you, when all you want is peace is not completely truth.
There is no world outside, there is only you. All situations have you created mostly unconsciously so you can learn from them. The energy you put out is yours and it will at some point come back to you as positive or as negative, but being negative is not a punishment but learning opportunity.
Here's an other example.
The washing machine broke, because I was really never satisfied with it.. I was missing "drying" function as well. So now I understand why it broke, and what I need to do.. I will buy a machine that both washes and drys!

Finally understanding that you are not separate from the world outside, you are that same world created in your space called consciousness and everything that emerges in it IS You. Surrender, accept, let it flow and it will transform, because nothing ever stays unchanged.

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