Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Part I - I finally understand!!

“I’m in the world, not of it!” 

How we create reality 

“To understand the reality, you must step out from your own”.

If you are limited by believe system, like for example religious system, then you will only go so far in your understanding of reality as this system allows you to. To understand beyond the limits, you need to believe in possibility of EVERYTHING. If we do not know how the reality is being created, how can we then know what is real!? The answers are not “out there”, because there is no “out there”

The reality you have is based on 5 senses; See, touch, hear, smell and taste. Those senses are just a fraction of the vibration you can perceive of the whole universe. Your eyes can capture the vibration/signal, but your brain will interpret that signal and project the picture to you. To you means, only inside your brain. This can only happen if you have seen the same vibration before and recognize it, or if the “critical mass” of human species perceives that signal as common knowledge, other vise based on your 5 sense experiences the image you will see is NOTHING. Your brain will not be able to understand because it has no reference. To simplify this even more… How can you possibly know what something is, if you have never seen, heard, touched, smelled or tasted it before?

 All the scenarios of the 5 sense reality are actually taking place inside your mind. There is nothing “outside it”. There is no “real world” out is all in your head! What you see and hear is interpreted by your brain and the reality it creates is inside you and nowhere else. It’s like a movie there you are the star/main character. You open one door and the stage is adapted, you open another and the stage is set. But you choose which door to open! Then, how come that we are all in the same movie? The answer is our DNA. Our genetic code is like a computer program that is defined with parameters. This program communicates with other programs with the same genetic code. Mine and your DNA is same genetic code because we are the same species. Our DNA is like an antenna that can receive and send the information. And that is why we are in the same “movie” and can interact. We do not send and receive the information to other species, for example elephants and monkeys. All species have different frequencies on which they communicate. Because we are not on the same frequencies, we cannot communicate with them more than our 5 senses allow us to (see, touch, hear, smell and taste, which are once again interpreted by the brain that will look for references to be able to “show you” the reality inside your brain). So, all the things surrounding us in “our world”, we have at some point created in our minds and because of the transmission of the information through our genetic code we all perceive it and see it at the same time and almost the same point of view, that we call “reality”.

So you and all the human species are creators, we create this world and we can also change it how we want. But to be able to do massive changes, a critical mass is need. Meaning, it takes a certain amount of humans to think (create) the same illusion, for it to become every humans reality. For example monkeys of one species, let say chimpanzee. It takes maybe 100 chimpanzees to learn to write a circle, before this knowledge becomes common for entire spices. That’s how “the reality” is being played out for everybody. You get born (which is another human mass creation) and when you open your eyes and the rest of your 5 senses, you start to build up an experience that for everyday will become your reality because your brain is making it as memories which it can refer to. This said, the whole world and everything you know to exist, is an illusion created by us and is being played out en our brains, which of course is just another illusion.

We are a consciousness that is connected to an ocean of consciousness that we call Infinity. We can perceive life as an droplet in an ocean; “no but I’m just little me, what power do I got?.. I was born in a city, you know...I went to school, I got a job”… Well, you can perceive that and you can create a reality to reflect the way you see reality. Perceived reality becomes experienced reality (where you again look for reference to confirm the reality). But if you perceive yourself as a droplet put in an ocean, then there is no point where the droplet begins or ends. Droplet is the ocean and the ocean is the droplet, we are all ONE infinite conciseness.

Now, the issue is that we have been manipulated to believe that we are powerless and need to look outside ourselves to be told what to think. So the real conspiracy against us is to hold us in that bubble, believing, operating on just one little fraction of whom we are and use the physical body as block the possibility of us thinking multidimensional infinite conciseness, that cannot be manipulated. We are not a body. We are awareness, energy which work trough the body which is just a biological computer. And when we withdraw from our physical bodies, it disappears like everything else because it’s just a creation of the illusion. And what the manipulators (let call them illuminati) wants us to do, is to identify ourselves with a biological computer (body). But you are not the body, the name or social security number… It’s just an experience you are having. (I will come to that why we are here). You are infinite conciseness that cannot be destroyed! But if you can be kept in a believe of physical body, then you can be controlled. If they control the information that our 5 senses can perceive, our conciseness starts to identify itself with physical body and who it is… and disconnect the perception of being multidimensional infinite… In other words, you will believe only what you are being told. This generates the general idea of the world and reality in where so many humans take part. So, the move is written, the stage is already set by the people who control the information. What can you do? Remember who you are!

“Infinite love is the only truth, everything else is illusion”
I love you whatever, why? Because I am you, you are me, we are one consciousness. It’s only our perceptions that divide us.”

Part 2 - WIP