Thursday, May 10, 2012

Part II - EGO

Ego and You
Here is an example of typical human life activities according to standards of today’s world and given reality:
You tell yourself that you are an intelligent person with ability to think and make your own destiny, so you just do what makes you happy and who cares for the rest!? As long as you know that you live in democracy and you are lucky to happen to live in the “right-kind-of-country”  (I mean poor people in Iran…) you will be safe and free to do whatever you want to do.
 So you continue with waking up in the morning, going to school or work, going to the grocery store, eating, maybe a little bit of shopping, drinking latte with friends while you show your new bought textiles, you talk about gaga’s outfit and new very good song you heard on the radio. When you come home, you will eat again, and than watch a really good movie. “A real move” about human relationships, not the other science fiction crap! In the end of the movie where the boy meets the girl and the rest of the world accepts them as they are (like as they ever where different from you) , you smile and feel good about yourself. Tomorrow is a new day! A new chance to experience the same thing all over again!  But maybe this time you will eat something else and see another friend, watch another movie and go to sleep. You are a “repeater”, and you will continue to work-eat-sleep until you die... but that's because you are identifing with things, opinions..thoughts with form and shape. That's called EGO. That is not who you trully are! 

Wait! Now your so far experiences and memories will tell you “that's not you”, you are so much more…you enjoy every second of your life and just do different things everyday and grow and involve as human being...
You are doing or thinking of doing; study (school), better job, more money…that will bring you safety and happiness. And when you have more money, you will have bigger/better home, better food (and hopefully also somebody to prepare it for you) and you will also have more safety when you go to pension. And also don't forget love, the romantic love you are longing for...that's still EGO!
So let's see how you and the rest of humanity have involved since the known modern world.
Before people wanted:
Roof, food, safety
Now people wants:
Roof, food, safety
So, what have changed? Better roof, better food, better safety!?
My point here is, we are stuck on basic needs scale for our physical survival. And we have been stuck since Jesus walked the earth! Why? Because..the story have been twisted and human race enslaved. You have been manipulated to be this way. To think this way and to stay this way. I am telling you, this is not who you are! You are a force, a consciousness … that for the moment experiences 3D reality trough a biological body. There is a purpose with it and I will come to that later…
Agin, what can you do?
We are being manipulated through our senses and perceptions by some people who have somehow managed to control the information, but once you have realized that all is just an illusion you can do something they could never control: Have a choice! and why not, learn how to control these people’s reality too, because if we are all the same programmed DNA, this means that we all have the same possibilities to manage illusion.
A comment I got from and other human:
“Difficulty comes from the fact that most people are thought to be afraid of other realities or other things they are not used to. You know that’s all religions goal mainly, to keep people ignorant and limit freedom of choice and thinking so people believe that it is more convenient for them to stay where they are. This centralizes resources, power, control and wealth to a smaller group of human beings.
You know Matrix movie, for the ones who understood this movie may realize that they are not the only one sharing this thoughts, so I think that there are more people aware of this than what we think.
If you haven’t watched yet “In Time” with Justin Timberlake, I highly recommend it. It is a real description of our social and economical system created to benefit few at the expense of others. “  
First time I saw matrix was 1999, I was 19 years old. I did not understood the movie.. I thought the special effect where cool! Then I saw it again and still nothing… Even if I understood the idea I could not apply it on our world..For me that was future, not only fiction (as for many people).. But en “reality”
I was already in the matrix! I just woke up…yesterday..
For the last past 2 years I have seen many documentaries about the system , who’s controlling and how..and that made me angry and disappointed, tired of this life.
I was “out there” trying to fight the system, to rebel and “go out en general strike” …but! As you now know, there is nothing out there… Awareness comes from inside us and so the change.
It was first when I saw documentary about science “The Elegant Universe” and “The Fabric of the Cosmos “  combined with this guy David Icke, that things started to become clear, but still I could not see the whole picture until I started to write everything down in my own words.
Then it just said “click” !
This David Icke has written like 15 books about everything from the system to the multidimensional awareness. He was laughed at in the 80’s when he said that there are group of people controlling everything and that they had “alien DNA” (reptilian).. so the really interesting part that I am exploring now is, WHY they keep us controlled? And Why everything is happening and where is all this going… and there are some very interesting ideas I can tell. =)
The sciance
Everything we are and things around us, like the sun and other stars and planets have the same building components. When you look even more beyond the material there is a vibration of energy, a string (like a string from a violin) that vibrates and is charged with energy. We are all and everything is a vibrating energy. Depending on the density and wave length thing become different things like stars, human body, apple etc. solid for us to perceive them with our 5 senses. The scientists of our world have tried to explain many wonders of our existence and they have finally managed to do that. The explanation and logical theory is out there, but you do not know about it. Why? Because the people that control informational channels are not going to show you that, they want you to stay put… sleeping, worrying about your little life, where you work-eat and sleep even more. We are so locked in our shells and thinking outside the 5 sense range is almost impossible for so many humans.  I guess that many have stopped thinking sometime in the first grade, where they teach you that the sun is the star and there are 7 planets orbiting it. Good, so now you can move on with your life and look for a job or buy something that will make you happy!..
Fortunately there are people who have this driving force, time and openness to question and look for the answers, other vise we would still believe that earth is plane and is the center of the universe. Wake up!!
Thank you Internet
Internet is interactive network of telepathy between people in our world today. Television, magazines and advertising is one way communication only. From them to You!

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