Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Part III - Levels of existence

As I explained in Part I, that the reality is being created by a thought that project the image and everything is based on vibrating strings of energy, which makes us all the same substance, but different composition and variation of density, this leads to conclusion that also the physical existence of us is just a projection.  Like A Hologram, a projection of light/information from point of origin (awareness) to the point of perception (reality).
Imagine, if you have a telescope and direct it towards the night sky, that telescope can only see as far as the human eye can see and the human brain can understand and project (knowledge built on previews experiences). Meaning once again, that there is no “out there”, just a projection of our understanding. Our understanding is based on 5 senses, so it has its limits.
NASA has a telescope in the orbit of earth. This telescope can see so far far away...all those billions of stars and galaxies; they all look almost the same besides!? But then it comes to the edge where the image of the universe starts to be just pixels, and they cannot longer see more…why? Because the telescope is not technologically potential or because the human observing cannot see more?…because the imagination has run out!? Or the physical body is limiting is? Until they build a new telescope, a better one and during the process the human expectations and imaginations can take a shape of what’s beyond pixels? And Wips! We suddenly have a means to see further into space… but what really changed is the perception of the builders, not the telescope.
As Buddha once said, In the sky, there is no distinction of east and west; people create distinctions out of their own minds and then believe them to be true”.

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity”.   (Albert Einstein)

So how do we really know how the universe looks like? How the earth looks like, or the sun or moon in close up? We think we know because the television showed us pictures and majority of people accepted it as truth and reality. Not because we actually went up and looked down for ourselves… So once again, we’ve being told what to believe, what to accept as real… We could be looking at the big “death star” (a space ship in form of sphere from star wars movie) shining down on us and actually controlling us, and we perceive it as just a Moon.
Because we will see what we have been taught to see and therefore believe that to be real.
Level of existence
There are many levels of existence, we can call them dimensions; they all occupy same time-space, but different perceptions divide them from each other.
Let’s start with perceptions we humans take part in, our common “movie” this world called planet earth.
On earth we have thousands of different spices, they all occupy the same place and time, but they are all in different movie. The movie that is corresponding to their genetic codes and are played out accordingly.
  • Insects for example have short life spend (weeks), can only see 1D, which means infrared sight.
  • Mammals have longer life spend (years) and can see 2D, black and white.
  • Humans have even longer life spend (around 150 years) and can see 3D, color.
  • 4D?
  • 5D?
  • 6D?
  • 7D?
  • 8D?
  • 9D?
  • 10D?
  • 11D?
  • 12D?
  • More Ds?
Why we can perceive Insects and Animals but not what is in next dimension is because we are above 1D and 2D level of existence, but not above 4D. Our mission as humans in our biological bodies is to explore the level of this existence, and when we are done here we leave the physical body and move on to next level, taking all the knowledge with us. Right now in 3D you know what insects are and what animals are, and you also know more or less what you are.  In 4D you will know everything about 1D-2D and 3D.
This also means that the life forms above our level of existence can perceive us humans, but they cannot intervene in our “reality” because they are vibrating on other frequencies (they are in their own DNA movie). Just as you cannot transform into an elephant to experience how it is to be an elephant and communicate on that level of existence, but you know what elephant is right!? Does the elephant know what he is? No, because the physical limitations are not allowing it to understand more then what has been encoded en their DNA.  The communications (frequencies) are on DNA level.
What’s your mission?
If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?  (Albert Einstein)
Only you can have this answer, because it’s your world, you create it from within where you also exist. What you think – you project. But of course, I have many answers which could help to guide you out of “the system” and right where you want to be. Coming soon…
Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

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