Tuesday, December 9, 2014

It Feels good To Feel

Eh.. I don't wanna write a book or really explain anything to anybody..
I just wanna be here..happy..
I don't need to be the smartest person in the room and have all the answers, I don't want you to get the ideas that something is wrong with you, or me or anybody else. 
I just wanna be here...now..
I don't want to change something or to fix something, cause nothing is really broken..
I just wanna be here..with ease..
I don't wanna justify anything, or prove anything to anybody..cause..
I just wanna be here..steady and sure..
I don't wanna focus on the molecules of my body or the universe as far as the telescope can see..
I just wanna be here..focused with harmony..
I really don't care what reality you are perceiving or anybody else..cause..
I just wanna be here..and tend to my own..
I know for sure that I am extension of source and that we all are..
Limited in this time space reality, experiencing and understanding emotion of my existence.
This life in my physical body is one of my many journeys I've been on and I will embark on..
Forever more..in all eternity.
I am infinite and never ending consciousness on my path of eternal expansion..
I seek fun, joy, freedom, abundance, expansion..Why?
Because it Feels good To Feel.

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