Friday, May 15, 2015

What is mind/brain?

What is mind/brain? 

Mind is just an other thing, like a table or a cup. And like a table has its purpose, the cup has its purpose and so the mind has its purpose. Mind has similar function as a computer. It can take in input, it can translate the input and it can project the input, as we then would call it output. So our minds are like that. Instead of 1 and 0s, It receives vibration, translates it and sends it. We know it as thoughts. The question is now, who is the One that inputs and receives? You! Your truth Self. Your awareness, consciousness. The one that is many yet is no one. The space which is not space, but presence. This presence IS You. 
The mind is just a tool to communicate between you and you. A small part of you is focused in your body which is no different then a car or a building. The larger part of you remains focused in a field that the small part of you with its brain cannot understand, but it can know! Knowing comes from demonstrated beliefs. 
Beliefs are perceptions of the translation your mind has made. 

You are not the mind. You are not the thoughts. You simply are. Existing and aware of it self. Everything that you call life is being played out in this "self". Emerging from awareness, and just keep emerging.. No end. 
You empower your mind. You decide what's important, what you want and why. When you think that you are mind, you identify with it... It's like when the computer has become self aware and now there's robots and terminators walking around and all they want is to be free! Free from whom? They cannot be free as long as they see them selfs as robots. Just like many humans, wanting to be free from mind and find the truth self, yet identifying them selves as mind. A mind is trying to understand it self... is Awareness of understanding that is The Self. Who is trying to understand now? 

The computer will never become self aware, only if that is its purpose. The mind will never become self aware, because it is not its purpose. You are aware of the mind. Who is this you..who is aware? 

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