Friday, March 20, 2015

"I AM"

The only one you ever compete with is your own person. But you are not the person! You are the "I" before you add the condition. A person is a condition, it is an invention from your mind. But you are not your mind! You are the "I" before you add the mind. Mind is a transmitting, receiving and interpreting mechanism, just like the rest of your body and your senses. So a person is a illusion or perception created and necessary in order to exist and interact in this 3D world.
You have many different person-alities. Each one responds automatically to the expectation of the mirror (the others) which you also have invented and established as a part of your own believe system.
You are a woman or a man, also you are a daughter or a son, an employee, a friend, a lover, brother and so on. So many aspects of You, but you are switching between those roles so automatically so you don't even know about it. And every time you do, there is a trained expectation from the one that observes you. Really, how others respond to you is how you have trained them to, and therefore created a expectation which just promotes the sameness of that which you are already playing.
Yes, you are playing a role all the time, and keeping all this "personalities" running requires a lot of energy. Therefore many people get tired of life and everything, because they can not keep up with the appearances and the shifting demands.

What is that I AM saying here?
You want to get clear understanding that you are The ONE behind the mind, body and person-games.
You are just consciously acknowledging, becoming aware that you exist, right here and right now.
Always present, always sure, always constant, always still. You feel that the space is opening up, and you feel so big somehow and content. This is what you can call "Self", ME, I, Source, Universe.
There's nowhere you need to go to find "your self", because it is always present.
There's no more books you need to read or meditation classes to take to get there. You ARE there.
It just takes a conscious awareness and strong intent. A wanting to BE what You Really Are.
There's no energy required to maintain this "I", because it already is.

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