Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Now, we are completely different, you and me, yet we have completely same issues which are common in our physical world. We are looking to others for confirmation and approval. We try and try, we justify and think, say and do things that are not in alignment with who we really are.  Not in harmony with our own desires and our own intention and wanting. This way of life is exhausting, mediocre and mostly not so fun. Sometimes we go as far as creating bodily conditions and diseases in order to provoke sympathies in others and get some confirmation and approval in return, which is not long lasting by the way and then you have to go even to other extremes just to make yourself heard. But friends, is this the life you have intended for your self? Did you really come forth into this body knowing that it will be hard? Or did you intend to follow your own path, live and appreciate all the variety and contrast of this world and come to your own conclusions and preferences? When you live something you don’t want, clearer you know what it is that you do want. Just turn, focus, think, talk into direction of wanted. It’s easy as that. Your emotions, your inner instincts are guiding you with every thought, word and action. Just become aware that there are there to guide you to the life experiences you want to live.

I’ve discovered that my well being is the most important to me. I put myself first and follow my own bliss. From outside that can be seen as arrogant or cold hearted, but that’s exactly what I am talking about. People will say, you are selfish pleasing you, how dare you!  You should please me!.. ;/ ha!?

I think on purpose, I talk on purpose and I act from inspiration that comes forth from my inner world. I’ve practiced myself, little by little, day by day, to trust me and my creative power. I’ve shown myself that the law of attraction is real and consistent. “That which is alike on it self is drawn”. I know that I get what I think about, no matter if I want it or not. This universe is based on inclusion. Nothing can be extracted nor inserted into your experience without you asking for it on some level. A belief is nothing more than patterns of thoughts. You change them only by creating new once and focusing upon them, the old ones will dissipate with lack of attention.  
And then and only then..you will live what you came here for. A joyful life experience, free from bondage. You will know your own value and worthiness, and in that process you will also discover worthiness and value of others. You cannot give to anyone what you do not have, and you cannot have what you do not believe you can. So, all is well and always alright...

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