Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Why live?

I did not come into this time space reality you people are calling life just to follow and obey your instructions and rules. I did not come to live your life and listen to your advise about what's appropriate living and what is not. I did not come just to get a normal job and worry about my issues and how others will react to them. I did not come to satisfy you, or to make you happy. I did not come to this earth to be a slave to thoughts and beliefs of others. I did not come to struggle and suffer. I did not come to work hard and play safe. I did not come to learn or to change anything in anybody. I did not come to feel bad, sad and feel worthless. I did not come to prove anything to anybody. 

I came because I want to sift and sort trough life and variety of the contrast this time space reality is offering. I came to figure out my own personal preferences and find my own exitement, satisfaction and joyful life expiriance. 
I came because I want the feeling of life to be fulfilled and fun.
My friends, I came to live easy, harmoiuous and inspired life free from bondage. Life is supposed to be good to all of us, and it is...if you can accept that you are the creator of your own reality and not hold anybody else responsible for how you feel. You just want to be happy without anything around you needing to change in order for you to do that. Let go of the control of others and circumstances around you, and I promise, you will find a standpoint, a state of mind... stable...sure, balanced, confident, worthy and free..so you can live happily ever after...

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