Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wellbeing dominates

This planet is so rich and abundant. Wellbeing is predominant within its core..
And so are You!
All those plants and flowers and millions of different species. All the air we share and all the water we drink.
All the animals and all the humans! All variety and all the natural flow of things. There is so much working out already in perfect harmony. Sun comes up every spins in its orbit..your blood is pumping around your body.. and actually there is not so much for you to do except One The Most Significant thing. Finding your alignment with source within you. Connecting with your inner being. Being receiver of source energy. Creating allowing place, atmosphere, mood, for the inspiration to be realised by you. Just being in this moment now, knowing what you want and why you want it. Look for an emotional word that describes it.
Everything that you think you want is because you think you will feel better in having of it! And as that might be truth for you, you might think; "I would be happy if I could just snap my fingers and make everything I want appear right now". As you are here on emotional journey, meaning you want things because you want to experience the emotion of having it, so go ahead and snap your fingers now and feel happy now! The result of your newfound emotional vibrational place will be a manifestation, realisation, translation of that into tactile, the evidence/things you want will come afterwards so it satisfy and delight.
Because, you know that you are a vibrational being and that small part of you is focused into your body and larger part of you remains non physical. But you have NO physical roots. Your ability to translate vibration into feel it, taste it, touch it, hear it, smell it reality is perceptional and based upon the thoughts you have been thinking. Thoughts turn into things whether  you want it or not, because this universe is based upon inclusion. There is nothing you can give your attention to and then make it go away..therefore it could be a good idea to deliberately focus your mind on things you prefer instead of the absence of them.
I want more money!
Because? = the emotional description you want to reach for and find
Having more money feels logical step..etc..
The words must feel good when they come into your mind and you should feel a resonance while you are resting with that particular word.
Universe do not respond to your words, just to your vibration. Universe does not hear what you say, it knows what you mean. Unless, your vibration and words are in sync and mean the same thing.

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