Thursday, July 17, 2014

Shortage Thinking

"You should be glad that you have a job in this crisis"
"You should consider yourself lucky that you at least have a relationship"
"You should hold to it! Be afraid of losing it!"

Well, we've been thought to believe that there is only one lifetime, one planet earth, one opportunity to be do or have...And if you don't grab it first, you might end up without it! Someone else might beat you to it. We've also been thought that life is a "tag of war" between us humans, and we need to be strong and "lucky" in order to draw the resources of this limited world to ourselves before it is depleted. And when we have it, we need to hold to it at any costs, be really afraid of losing it! 

Of course this is typical 3D thinking and some still believe that what is, IS what is.
But what IS, is being released into our perception as history, it is past thoughts, it's old. And if you keep looking at what is and believing it, than that's what you are going to experience more of. The sameness, shortage, competition, comparison..which straighten your believes even more about what's truth for you and what reality is. Statistics or "facts" are thoughts agreements on a specific subjects, observed and believed by many, therefore "real" and "truth".

All those are flawed premisses. Because we are vibrational beings and this universe is vibrational, there is no limit to anything. There is no shortage of any kind. The things around you that manifest, are being realised by you, meaning your thoughts turn into things, literally! And whole world from your perspective IS here for you and because of you. When you know clearly what you want and don't contradict that with opposite thoughts, it must come to full realisation for you. It's a law! It's certain! 

Life causes you to ask, and the larger part of you answers, becomes it, what you have been asking for. Then you find a way to release resistance (contradicting thoughts) and your desires will be then realised by you. This happens because you are not giving your attention to what is, but to what is becoming. 

So never mind what is, and what other people are doing. When you apply for a job, know it's yours because you want it clearly! When you want relationships, know you are worthy of it, and if it does not feel right.. It's okay.. Someone else is on its way to you. There's always more jobs, more guys/girls, more money, more resources.. You just need to understand how all this is becoming..and know your power! Your world is your own, we do not share anything! But still, it looks like it..don't look!! FEEL the vibrational version of it and know, trust and believe it's coming and things always work out FoR You! All is well;) 

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