Tuesday, July 15, 2014

In sync

Start your morning with closing your eyes, taking a deep breath and saying&meaning: 
I am a vibrational being in vibrational universe, everything is perceptional..source energy flows to me and trough me at all times. 
It's here right now focused with me! Perceiving and thinking from pure positive high frequency love point of view, and together we co-create this life expriance.. We joyously expand and have fun together. 

I'm whole when I am in sync with my non physical counterpart. It's the same source energy that creates worlds and all life that I have access to, to the degree I alow it to be. I am a flower of energy, I am the manager of energy. I am just pointing and energy is flowing towards the thing I give my attention to.. I am a delibarate thinker, delibarate focuser , I am my own best friend. I love me, the whole of me. 

So.. good morning source energy my inner being, good morning flowers and animals, good morning world.. Good morning universe!! 
Then go and see how your day flows with ease and is perfectly synchronised, how life unfolds with surprise and delight;)
 ... you will see the signs of your alignment all around you..

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