Thursday, February 27, 2014

I love Me

You are knowing love trough condition, you look for evidence of it every day in things other people present to you as they are showing their love towards you. Than you start thinking that love is those things expressed to you and comes from other people outside of your self. And as long as the evidence keep coming, you are feeling quite happy in knowing that you are being loved. But then one morning you wake up and nobody made you breakfast, just this day the other person thought of something else.. And then you start to panic, question love and your self. Was I really ever loved? Am I lovable? Where did the love go? And I would say, it was always there and still is, you are just looking at wrong place for the evidence of it. The love is in your own heart, in your own knowing, in your own worthiness, in your own sureness.. And no love comes on the plate, because plate can break. The love within you can't. Love is a feeling that you just know and cannot explain with words. Love is everything and everybody, all that exist and holds together because of it. Love is knowing your own worthiness and goodness. You are good! You are really really good..

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