Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Soothing Words

I have crunch in my stomach because I am thinking the thoughts and have emotions and feelings about a specific subject that are not aligned with my inner being, with the perspective of the Source. Meaning, The thoughts I am thinking that make me feel bad are not how the source within me sees it. Meaning, I am hanged up on something that obviously my feelings are showing is not the path to what I want and therefore I feel bad. Meaning, when I realize that what I am thinking and feeling about that specific subject is not serving me, I will be able to move away from it by focusing on something else. Or, I have to find soothing words to take me off that specific subject and make the statement look more general. 

Like, I know what I am thinking is making me feel bad, and feeling good is what I want. Good staff come out from good feelings and there is where I want to go. I know that I am vibrational being and that I am living in vibrational universe. What I think and feel is creating my personal point of attraction and the law of attraction, the non physical, the source, the god, the universe is responding to it and brings more of it to match. I know that I do not need to figure it all out at once, and there is perfect timing for things to unfold so they can surprise and delight me. I trust the source within me knows what I want and the relationship between where I am and where I want to be, and always calling me towards it. The only thing I need to do is to relax and just chill, trust that everything always work out for me. Find a good feeling thoughts or words of appreciation in order to start feeling better. Distract myself with other fun things and simply move on.. 

The source which Am I and the non physical part of me are One the same. When I am aligned with the perspective of my inner being, I am allowing energy to flow. I am allowing the energy that creates worlds to flow to me and through me. At that point I look at my existence through eyes of source.   And what I see is that all is well with me and the world. Nothing is broken and nothing needs to be fixed.. I am doing just fine. There is nothing that I cannot have, be or do in this time space reality. If my life experience has the potential to awaken the desire within me, it also has the potential to deliver it to me. I just need to trust it and allow it. I need to become cooperative component to my desire..By letting go of all topics and subjects that are not serving me and I can feel it in my belly and my solar plexus if I am on the path to that relief. 

Yes, I am looking for relief. For fun and joy of being. I am looking for ease. It´s easy to breath, its easy to appreciate, it´s easy to love. I love to feel ease, I love when I know that things are flowing easy, and easy they get if I just trust that everything has its purpose and serves me in some way.  From now on I will only look at the things that I am creating around me as my own hundred percent creation that I will take credit for. I will acknowledge whatever occurs as it is for my own benefit always. 
Yes, I have decided that everything is for my own benefit, even the negative emotion I am feeling, because it gives me clarity, to redefine and clearly know what I prefer. I love come to conclusions and understandings, I love clarity, I love ease and flow, I love being The creator of my own reality, I love taking credit for all my creations, I love my guidance system that tells me when I am in alignment or not with my inner being. 

I love... the sun, I love this planet, I love the flowers, I love the universe, I love animals and plants, I love water, I love rainbows, I love, I love, I love..ME. I am best of the best of the best of the best. I am leading edge creator and my preferences and experiences are making me constantly grow and expand, and as a result the whole That IS expands and enjoys with me. It´s fun, it´s great, it´s amazing..to exist right here and right now in this time space reality where all the fun staff is.

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