Friday, November 1, 2013

You Must Cry

I have this strong impulse to write this to you. I hope that I can show you some light as others helped me to find my own. Don’t just read it, feel it. Every word every sentence is carefully selected for you. You have asked for answers long time, and here is your new beginning.

You see, when I look at you I see me. Well my old me. Ambitious, intelligent, strong, clever, hard yet soft, trustworthy, just, correct, polite, giving, nice..  just the way our surroundings as family, school and entire society have trained us for. Sounds pretty good don’t you think? We have good relationships, everybody can rely on us in every possible way... If there is something they can not do by themselves, no problem, they know that we can always figure it out for them and come with thoughts and solutions. We also have good materialistic life, comfort and freedom to choose from. Here comes the BUT part; Who am I?
The things I mentioned above? Noooo... that’s what everybody else trained me to be. And in their response I found comfort and sense of worthiness, I found confirmation and love. But you see, that’s just “conditional love”. Love based on conditions. I do this for you and you do this for me and as long there is a constant flow of conditions that goes Your way, you are feeling quite good and life circles. That’s why you always try to control conditions, like if you do this for me or behave in this way i will feel better. So you micromanage circumstances constantly and in that managing you find so much resistance. Because, every person whom you come in contact with including your children and husband, have their will of own. In the end you just get tired...
And when you do, all kind of what you perceive as negative things start to tire you even more.
So what do you do? Move? Separate? Hide?
Nooo..that’s again trying to control conditions.
You simply have to change the way you feel about everything and everyone.
You don’t blame on anybody or on anything else for how you feel. How you feel from now on will be your first and only priority, everything everything and everyone else comes second.
You must start caring for how you feel you see, that's the only way...

Everything we say, do or have is because of One thing and one thing only; We think we will feel better in having of it. So all day every day you are sifting and sorting through life, wanted and unwanted. By knowing what you do not want, you know what you do want. And whatever you give your focus to the universe brings more of it to you. Why? Because we exist as a vibration, everything is a vibration. And as a vibration we emit frequency. This frequency is based upon your own thoughts and feelings about any subject you might have and the universe responds to it constantly. You know then when you feel good, good things mostly happen to you..and when you feel bad, more bad things flow into your experience. So this means that you are the creator of your own reality. Weather you believe it or not, if you do it consciously or not.. You are still doing it. You have strong belief system and that means conditioned patterns of thoughts that constantly limits you to one and same reality. You simply think that you know what life is about and what’s  real and what’s not is one way and there is no outway. And I am sure that you are really good in justifying and explaining everything about your self and things you think you know with you perfectly clever brain. But remember that everything you think you know is because you have been conditioned so. I promise you, there is always more to life then things we interpret with our senses. There is more than you are allowing yourself to be, and if you really dare to go to that place you will know it to. Because by exploring the contrast of earth environment your life has caused you to expand, and what are you doing? You are not allowing your own expansion. The life giving energy that flow to you and through you is not allowed to flow. That causes all kind of discomfort and even physical illness. Now you have reached a point in your life where you have to change or you will create even more pain and discomfort in your life. You even had one accident not long ago, and that was a wake up call. You cannot continue deny your own expansion. Life will find a way to get your attention somehow.

Before you came into this body, you where pure positive energy. Let’s call it source. One part of you became focused into your body and the larger part of you is still that non physical pure positive energy. Before you came you said, I’ll go forth into this environment of contrast and explore and find out my own preferences and on the way I will have fun! I will take the thought to the place where it has never been before. And whenever I know what I want or do not want the larger part of me will directly become it! The whole source will benefit from it and so will I, and as a result the whole universe will expand. I will then match the frequency of my new expansion and get a new vantage point and with this new perspective I will dive again into the contrast and get new experiences. But if you live life and expand, and then deprive yourself of that new improved version of you, then you are stuck, small and lonely. Afraid and confused trying to control the world outside..

You must let go of the social mask you have created, let go of thoughts that no longer serve you. You must love you! You are great, wonderful wonderful creation. You are unique in your expression, there is only one you. There will never be anyone like you. You are precious to the source that creates all life. The source within you loves you and guides you towards your wishes and desires. But you must allow yourself to go...let the world take care of itself. Let the family take care of themselves. You only have two hands! The source that creates worlds run through everybody and everything, so that is not your job anymore, it has never been. Stop worrying what others think and do and focus on what makes you feel good. You are an eternal being with such power that you can choose anything anything you want to live and experience and the source will always support you. You are so free to choose, so you can choose bondage if you want. The whole existence is based upon never ending expansion. Let go of everything you think you know and just start simple..with some words of appreciation, talk to your self, observe what you are thinking of and most important how you feel. Cry cry cry cry for all the hard times that you have been through, but that your are now grateful for.

Here are some words to give you an idea how the focus work
I think too much
I worry too much
I work too much
I care too much
I am afraid too much
I am scattered too much
I am confused too much
I am sad too much
I am depressed too much
NO, I can say it better!
I will focus on positive aspects on my self and everything else
I will start noticing what I am thinking of
I will start feeling better
I know I can feel better
I know that there is more to know
I love knowing more
I love the information
I love reading
I love noticing how I feel
I love knowing that the sun goes up every day
I love knowing that earth spins in its orbit in perfect proximity to other planets
I love nature
I love animals
I love being in forest
I love breathing
I love love sleeping
I love getting tired and then sleeping
I love waking up and knowing I can start fresh
I like starting fresh
I like feeling fresh
I like looking at my children
I like how they look at me
I love them, but I love me even more
I love my husband
I love him, but I love me even more
I love my family, but I love me even more
I love the love
I love the life
I love my iphone
I love my job
I love kitchen
I love my fridge
I love the eggs
I love the honey in my tea
I love taking a shower
I love my body
I love my clothes
I love me
I love me
I love ME

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