Thursday, March 14, 2013

Shift your reality-really!

At this point you should know that you are infinite consciousness that experience your physical reality through your vehicle called body. You are unique expression of life and being You is the only mission you have in your life. Being you to best of your abilities and just act upon your greatest excitement at the moment, will bring you understanding that you are living your path you self have laid in front of you. Your spirit/soul/consciousness is already on another level and you are here just as an extension of your higher self. Again, you are here because you need to live this experience and bring back what you have learned to your higher self, to the ocean of consciousness, to the creation itself.

Now, at this point you should also know that everything that exists is a vibrational energy with specific frequency. Which frequency you vibrate in is determined by your own state of mind.
The world you see and think you are in right now, is not only one world, one earth. You are constantly shifting through billions of parallel realities per second, and every parallel reality is similar to the other one so you perceive it as continuity, but it’s not. There is no motion then one your thinking processes create. You are shifting from frame to frame like in a foto film with still pictures. So you see, you and only you can change your own reality by changing your state of mind. Your state of mind is reflected as the world you perceive, and changing your state of mind means changing your world, your reality. The world outside is nothing else than a projection of your state of mind, like you are looking at your self in the mirror. If you want the projection in the mirror to smile, you must smile first and the image in the mirror has no choice but to reflect that smile.

Again, every each of us experience our own reality and the world outside reflects that. Knowing and understanding this process will allow you to start consciously making choices that will reflect your reality. You change by acting upon your highest excitement and trust that the creation itself will support you in any choices you make in that moment. Visualise the world you prefer and act like it’s already your reality even if outside world still looks the same. But do not get attached to the outcome of you visualisation because your physical mind is not capable of perceiving everything. Your higher mind is your guide. Allow yourself to quiet your thinking processes and you will increase your intuition, your connection to higher self.

-Become timeless by living in the present moment, the Now is the only moment there you are and from there you can make conscious choices.

-Practice acceptance of any people, situations, circumstances and things.
Everything is just positive and negative energy (not good or bad, right or wrong)
All life experience is by contrast, therefore we cannot judge anything really. Accept the isness of opposite values.
It is as it is.

-Practice defenselessness, you do not need to defend your self or react upon anything at all because it just escalates further resistance. Thing that get resisted= persist!... and you want change, so...stop reacting.
-Let go of your belief systems, habits and “old earth” vibrations. Is’s just so old old old..religion, marriage, cigarettes and tv-watching,  are some examples. If you want the new reality, let go of the old one.

-Shift into the parallel reality which you prefer by being that frequency first.

-Start NOW

This moment was my greatest excitement to share this document and I’ve acted upon it.
For me it does not matter if I have 1 reader or 1000, or none..I know that somewhere those words will inspire, otherwise I would not write them in first place.


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