Thursday, November 1, 2012


The illusion of future and past..

Future does not exist, nor does the past. Both are a creation of the EGO (voice in your head) where it lives and feeds on a thoughts based upon an idea that next external event will bring completion or greater achievement than you already have/are. When it dwells in the past it's for the same reason. Already completed events are being stamped with an "importance stamp" and reminding your self of it brings you comfort of completion or achievement.
You could ask your self, who would you be if you did not have a past and the future?
I would say, you would be free from burdens related to accomplishment and emotional attachment, the power of action would be returned to you in the present moment , where you actually exist.  You do no exist in past or future, you are here NOW! And for every breath you take you are updating your existence again , now.

So what is past? It's experiences you where having, a story of external events and emotions produced by interaction and action of your thought processes. The thought that something was important in your past gives you a feeling of identity and you hold on to it, otherwise you would not know who you are, Right!? Because you think that you are your past.. no, that's just your story, one of billions. An experience you where having so it can raise your level of consciousness, because that's what you are ..a consciousness, constantly evolving and changing.

So what is future? It's a thought of possible outcome based upon your expectations created in the only time you really exist, the NOW. The thought of the possible accomplishment and completion gives you an illusion of things you can add to your story, your past, and that will again strengthen the sense of identity.

The point is, both future and past idea of identity takes you out of present moment, where you really exist and the only moment you can actually take any action and live the life in the moment it appears. It does not matter the form of expression life is emerging from you, as long as you allow it to happen, allow it to be as it is. If your mind is in future or dwells in past, you are not here... you are submitted to limitations and suppression of your consciousness. You are a prisoner of your own mind and with it a part of bigger prison generated by millions of people across this planet and this level of existence.

Calender and watch to measure time are the greatest inventions ever constructed. They are the locking mechanism of this reality and the controlling systems political, religious, social and monetary are the ones holding the key. But, it's okay... Everything is just as it should be.

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