Monday, December 31, 2012

It did happen!

'The Shift' I was telling you about did happen and is still happening and it will continue so until ... Not to say that last past months I've been overtaken by "being" and that time was spinning faster then ever, I also did some doing involving trips and people but when I write about it today it feels like it never happened, or maybe it happened but I'm not sure.. The trips, people, things, thoughts, experiences where they ever real? Or how real are they to me? I would say they are like floating memories but far far away or like a knowing that I've gained somehow but now I'm not into it.. On 21/12/12 I had a dream so real as never before, in the dream I knew about "the shift" and it's effect on me so I said to my self that I need to "switch" and so I did.. I've activated something in me and I knew that was it, the dream later continued with a happening where the waters raise and I was climbing towards the highest top to escape the flood. Somehow I knew that its okay, there's nothing to be afraid of.. I woke up at 4 in the morning understanding that what I've just dreamt of was real as reals as I woke up, as real as I went back to sleep. Since that day I continuously have dreams that are "real" and in the dreams I'm exploring and experiencing a completely new world and at the same time I'm also aware that "I'm in the bed" or my physical body is. Those dreams I cannot really explain.. They have content but not as much as they "fill" the dream it self with some form of "being". In the dreams I'm faced with odd things, cannot really place them in a box of good or bad.. They just are.. And somehow I'm allowing them to be as they are.. I do not have any fears, I know by letting it happen there is a reason for it to exist.

When I do not sleep I'm never bored.. There's no urge to do things or to have things of a form, but I can still do/have something but it does not matter.. When doing something I feel inside the task so much so I do not think of anything else.. Example cooking ;) .. And sometimes I feel drawn out of thought so much that I feel as big as a room or even as a house.. I'm aware that I am not my body, I inhabit it! And when I close my eyes and take a deep breath, I can feel my body vibrate and "ticking". Answers and inspiration comes too and I'm having quite many "aha" experiences.. Understanding that nothing is random and when something happens there is a reason for it, that reason becomes obvious later... When you have too much distraction that prevents you from allowing the life it self to flow, something happens to redirect you...

I know the difference between awaken and sleeping state, just the line between those two is becoming thinner and thinner for every day..night.

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