Monday, October 29, 2012

Things and no-thingness

When you look up at the night sky what do you see?
Stars, moon, planets, star try to recognize some of them and label them with name…
But, what do you really see?
The answer is; you see objects in space.
Space which you cannot see, hear, touch or feel is not an object. By naming it you make it into something solid and therefore misperceive it as something that exists.
You have things (form) and no-thingness (formless) in which form appear.
Those two dimensions are as well you, form (the body) and formless (the consciousness).
When the eye cannot find something to see, we call it “nothingness”, and when the ear can’t find something to hear we call it “stillness”. But to be able to see “nothing” we need to have some reference. To be able to hear “silence” we need the sound. We have lost ourselves in forms and sounds and therefore lost the other part of our dimension, of who we are. The identification with form (body) have left a hole inside us, which we constantly trying to fill with other forms (things that happen)...but all things are transient, meaning they do not last…

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