Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Words create concepts and belief  which are labeling everything that IS so it can be used as a reference, without knowing what they truly are, the essence behind the label. We just "think" we know...

Recognizing the ego
Ego is your thought processes
Are you aware of the entity inside your head, always talking, always have something to say comment or display? The thing we call EGO. This thing is nothing else then a small group of cells at the size of the peanut working together to generate around 60 000 thoughts a day. If you compare it to the rest of your physical body, how come that they have so much power over you? The body your consciousness occupy is also nothing more than a bunch of small cells working together to create an organ and eventually a whole organism. It’s like circuitry in there. Your body’s destiny is the same as all the other forms. It gradually fades and eventually dissolves. So why are you so obsessed with it? Because it’s “yours”? Making believe that you own things of form like your body, is just a delusion created by the Ego so it “can know itself”. The body itself is 99,999 % empty space. The distances between molecules that create the cells are 99,999 % empty space. So how can you “own” that? 

The thoughts in your head are conditioned thinking, thought to made you believe that you are separate from everything else. It’s you against the world. So you can easier justify all kind of actions that mostly include other life forms being used for your egos temporarily satisfaction. Because that’s what it is. Ego can never be satisfied, it always looks for more, wanting and urging to complete itself. Therefore this civilization is based on thought and identification with form, wanting, greed, abuse and exploitation.
Since the birth we are being thought to label and to own, possess and conquer. 

 The left hemisphere of the brain is where all the language, thinking, logic and motor skills are located. The right part of the brain is where the creativity, knowing and the whole picture of everything is. In our society we are being thought to train only left part of the brain and the right part of the brain gets neglected. That’s also the reason why most of the people are right handed (left part of brain controls the right side of the body) and also why most cases of brain strokes occur in the left hemisphere. Because there is no balance between those two parts. We need both in order to function properly. Left hemisphere is about doing, and the right is observing, witnessing the doing. It’s in the left hemisphere where the Ego sits and dominates. The ego that create linearity, a time line where your story can be put together as reference and you will identify with it. You think that you are that, and you want to want and stay where you are. The ego is not your enemy, it’s just a thought processes and you need to recognize it for what it is and not let it dominate You. It does not matter that you can think 60 000 thought a day, you can ONLY have one thought at the time. Be aware of your thoughts, so you don’t take them to seriously. They are just thoughts. The ego always need to, have to, must…you don’t! Just do not react upon it and it will lose it’s power. Allow yourself to be… be still, aware, know…give 100 % attention to everything that is and whatever you do in that moment.
Stay alert and present in the moment. The Ego will try to tell you it’s boring, you should do should “get a life”, but you are the life..Open up for all possibilities and embrace whatever comes into the space of your being…allow things to take form in your space.

Stop labeling, stop judging, let things be
For example when you are drinking a glass of wine, is it just a wine? Or do you really know what it is and how it came to the existence, to the world of form. It is awareness same as you and me that took a form of a grape plant, that allowed itself to grow and experience, so happy to breath carbon dioxide and produce the oxygen for you and other life forms. The flower on it provided insects and bees with nourishment, nectar which will later end up as food for bees and you in form of honey. In return the insects pollinated the flower allowing it to become a grape. Then with the help of the sun, the grape matured and became sweet, for us to taste and enjoy, to learn! Actually helping us in our survival and our journey of exploration. It’s purpose was completed! When you understand the process of everything around you, you will then know that without compassion and purpose there would not be any life at all. So every life form is working together to benefit each other and allow the experience to continue. So we humans are no different than a plant, we just think we are. We separate ourselves from what IS! The world, the universe, other life forms, body, mind etc…but you are the world, the universe, the life! You are everything that IS and everything IS you! You are the source of all life and all life is an eternal source of energy that wants to know itself. Start appreciating and be grateful for the opportunity to live! 

Now when you know the effort behind the glass of wine you where drinking, it might make you appreciate it more. Although it still does not give you the whole picture of “knowing” what the grape plant is, until you experience being the plant yourself.

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