Thursday, August 19, 2010


In an other reality, people work and do things in order to better them selves and the rest of the humanity. Money does not exist and there is no poverty or disease. They have achieved technological development that covers the human basic needs; food, water and shelter, and liberated us from those burdens of life. You can simply just press some buttons and wish for any physical object you desire and it will appear in front of you.

Now when everybody is satisfied and safe and humans are no longer slaves working for profit driven companies just to cover their basic needs, they can actually start focusing on other things. Some people wanted to sing, some dance, some people wanted to have cows and milk them every day. Some people devoted they lives to agriculture and nature, some wanted to invent things and became scientists. Others wanted to teach children, some wanted to bake very good cakes, some even wanted to make movies and interview people on the streets. And guess what!? In our reality we are also doing all those things, but the difference is that we do it just to cover our basic needs! In other words; we have to!! Imagine, what would you do if your basic needs where already covered and you would never had to worry about those again? Would you still work for the company you are working for? Would you work at all? What would you do instead?
In many parts of our beautiful planet, there are people living, barely reaching the human basic needs or not reaching them at all! In some places the political leaders, big private companies and dictators, keep those people under control allowing them just enough for almost reaching there...but not quite! If they allow people to have their basic needs covered, then people will move on in their thoughts and actually start thinking! Ye, you understand that this would not be popular outcome...

In my part of the world the law says that I am a free human being with right to live and express my self, but there is a catch! I still need to provide for my basic needs. That would be okay if I was doing something I would like to do, but like most of the people I don't. I am doing something for me pointless and just because I have to... Yes, I know that I always have a choice or more, but in this case is complicated. Because exchanging one workplace for an other is still work! Work is good if you do it freely, otherwise it becomes just a burden. There are actually people we often refer to as “following my dream people” , but they are few and most of them lucky because they had someone who already provided for their basic needs (like rich daddy), and they where able to move on with their lives. Note, this does not make you better in anyway, just that you have been given a chance that many of us have not.

Dream on....

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