Sunday, May 16, 2010


Growing old is certainly one of the biggest fears young people can have!? Yes, I said young people, because for the old once this is not an issue, they are already there, older, old..older… The weird thing is that both the youth and the old age have one big thing in common.They are both located in the same places! Youth and old age can be found in our physical appearance and our mental state. The question is who decides and how, the limits between those two?

I always try to explain complicated things with a simple answer, because it is much easier to not to complicate! Easier is lighter and lighter is almost nothing, nothing is not big deal and big deals are for complicated people. =) Keep it simple and think light! To age is a part of who we are and this is just a natural process that is bringing us forward to the next step. This next step can be compared to the next level, because we are not growing back, we are growing forward. Imagine, whole your life is about creation and moving to the next level of you mental and physical state. From seed you become a baby, from baby you become a teenager, from teenager you become an adult, from adult you become older, from older you become old, from old you become old old, and from old old you die! You see, you are going forward, which means that dying it self is a progress and not fall back! Every stage of our life has its own purpose in its own space and time. Some of us are not letting go of the past and trying to recreate the old feeling, but doing so you will deny your self the future! Sure it was fun and pain being teenager, but now there are other moments in life which are laid down for us to cross. They are as much fun and pain as those we once experienced as teenager, but different!

Then we have our physical state. This is the hard one to accept. Young bodies are more firm and energetic, older, old once are more…other way around… Who wants to have an old body? My mind can be as old as it wants, but my body…hell no!
Our bodies are designed to age and move to the next level, but this process can be slow or as fast as you want it to be. Tanking care of your body is important because it will live longer and healthier, healthier means better, better means more, more means richer, richer means filled with good staff! I want only the good staff for me and my body, so when I come to the age of being older and old, this period will be short and then I will leave this world as you know it and move to the unknown one… In the end, the most important is how you lived and not for how long!

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