Sunday, April 11, 2010


Do you believe in God?
What kind of image do you have when you think of him?
A... he is He or She or it? A thing?
Are you afraid that he will punish you if you don't believe?
Why would he do that for?
Does he enjoy when others are in pain?
Is he sadomasochist?
Creature that intelligent to create so many complex lifeforms and things in the world would be so selfish and evil?
Is he God only over our own world, planet Earth?
Or is he God over the whole universe?
Maybe he don't have time for us?
If he has to supervise the whole universe, maybe he is so far far away from Earth right now and will come back to us in couple of thousand of years.
Will he be very old by that time?
Does he live forever?
Is he ever bored?
Does he even exist?
Or has he abandoned us?
Is God only a myth that humans have created to serve a purpose?
Which purpose would that be?
Fear = Control
Are you afraid to question God? Are you afraid to question religion?
Do you dare to say:
God does not exist, Bible is just a book and religion is just a leftover that still affects our lives.

There is God in all of us, but we fear to allow it to know it self. We think to much and not feel..we calculate and not live..God is a word, meaning behind it is match greater...

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