Friday, March 5, 2010


The human being is fantastic! Some things they have discovered and some invented.
Like The Cacao and The Bible. This evening while I was spreading the chocolate cream across my pancake, I came to think; what if somebody never discovered the cacao bean and it’s potential!? What a disturbing thought, don’t you think!? Imagine, what if somebody never invented the Bible and its potential?

I see often cases where people refer to their fear and use this book to justify their choices, (correction, not their choices) it’s the opinion of an majority, and because they are not strong and independent individuals, this fear rules their lives and makes it harder for other individuals to create they own worlds.

It’s time for us to let go, and stop being afraid of everything; Life, death, rules and limitations.
To reach an understanding you need to start questioning. I daily question things and open my mined for different opinions, it is not about right or wrong, black or white, because there is always more than you first thought. Reaching for “more” will take you to next level and when you’ve reached an understanding, new level will appear. Just as I mentioned above how fantastic human brain is, there are no limitations! You can go as long as you drive your self to… No, I am not referring to carrier or materialistic things; those are just comforts of life. The life it self is something else…

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