Friday, March 5, 2010


I would like to divide human race in two groups. One group called “majority” and the other group called “individuality”. Which group do you belong to?

Do you really believe that, what you think is your own thoughts and your thoughts only? So when you express an opinion it’s truly yours, or is this opinion based on other opinions like opinions of majority? Did you even give it a thought, or is this just a thought that already exists in your mind? How come this thought is already there? Well, I can answer your last question:
The thought was already placed there since the day you’ve got borne, by your parents and people you’ve ever came in contact with during your growth. If you where lucky and those thoughts belonged to the people with their truly own thoughts, you are probably self thinking, analyzing individual with variety of thoughts and opinions which are adaptable and forward. If not, then your thoughts and your opinions are based on majority rules and limitations caused by the fear. In this case you will remain as you are and change “your opinion” only when and if the majority does so.
It’s interesting that actually “the majority” can also change their minds. How does this work? Someone in power create a fear to achieve a purpose, you will automatically accept the new fear with which comes the new opinion, because as I explained, your thoughts weren’t your own from the beginning, your opinion will be changed. That’s how world and people gets divided in “us” and “them”. Your mind is just an instrument and can easily be changed at any point. Trough history we’ve seen many examples of great achievements (not necessary good once), where so many people are being manipulated and very quickly changed into a most dangerous weapon on the earth, just by simply using fear to place an thought and not allow the individual to think for him self. It’s like a domino effect!
Hitler is the classic example.

Do you understand how important is not to fear? Without fear, you will be freer to move on with your own mind exploration and achieve greater understanding. Who knows, maybe even some day you will feel so relived and relaxed about your own existents, so you just fade away from the pressures and limitations that are constantly being forced up on you. This fear has its fear of its own. To not being able to control and manipulate individuals who are not subject to majority opinions.
Changing mind of a majority is much easier, then changing mind of a single individual.

As I pointed out earlier, it’s the “fear” that defines us, and the fear leads to the dark side.
How can we get rid of the fear then?
By questioning and letting go of the things we can and cannot control.
Before taking any decision, you can always ask your self this question; “What is the worst that could happen if…”?
I die, my mom dies, I loose my job, I never find love, I never finish the school, I cheat, I lie, I tell the truth, I create a child, I become fat, I marry, I divorce etc.

For example, some people are afraid of flying. Perfectly understandable, because the airplane you are sitting in could crash at any time.
Question; what is the worst that could happen if the airplane crashed?
Answer: You die.
When you are dead, do you really think you will bother your self with the fact that you died? Then you think beyond your self, and start thinking how this would impact your family for example.
But this is just one other fear that you have to work on. Imagine, if they also knew the ways of letting go of the fears, how good you will feel about you dying, and do not need to concern your self that your family will be able to handle it.
In this case you can step on the airplane and think positively about the trip ahead. Because trying to control things that you don’t have any power of controlling, is just stupid. Letting go of this fear is just one example of you getting to the next step in your own understand and personal development. Overcoming your fears will aim your focus on positive sides and improvments in your life.
But remember, you always have a choice. Not to fly. Going for this option leads you back to your original fear and limitations that cannot take you to any other level in personal growth, you will stay in your box protected by majority rules where you feel safe. For that’s what we all want, to feel safe…

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