Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Barcelona was drowning in the snow, like it hasn’t been snowing here for many years, and everything just had to come down in one day, yesterday. I always had you in mind and wondered if you where truly happy. I was thinking, if I was there, maybe I could encourage you to leave... and support your independence. But I was never there, I’m not there now, but my thoughts still are with you. I did not know that person, but I do know you, even thought years and continents have separated us, my vision of you hasn’t changed much. I believe you are still that great, beautiful person with heart of flowers. Their essence are spreading and influencing other hearts with that soft fragrance. People like you are needed in this world and can change many things in your surroundings in a positive way. For you the things will never be the same, but the change is necessary for us to evolve. You have to use this opportunity to evolve and grow, because there is always more to life and things happen for a reson…

The person you’ve ever loved and ever hated is gone.
I believe that a man neither lives nor dies in vain. Death is just a part of the bigger picture and we must embrace it. As I woke up today, the sun was shining again and there was almost no trail left of the snow…

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